Table Ready: Belial

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Grand Master of the Deathwing

There are expectations of extreme badassery if you’re going to be put in charge of the elite first company of the Dark Angels chapter, and Belial certainly possessed the requisite awesomeness. Revered by his brother marines and trusted enough by those in charge to: first entrust him with the secret mission of the Deathwing, and later give him command. Belial is the epitome of what it means to be a Dark Angel. Stoic. Resolute. Disciplined. And generally angry at himself for shit that happened ten-thousand years ago, and that had had no part of but now has to deal with…

The Sword of Silence is magnificent and used primarily in the practice of proctology on Fallen Dark Angels. Don’t worry. They deserve it.

I never bought the metal model in high school, and so I was forced to purchase the Finecast version later in my gaming career; my bad. He still went together quite easily. I left him in two large sub-assemblies to make priming and painting him easier. To get my preferred Deathwing color; I Primed him in Zandri Dust, I next airbrushed him Ushabti Bone from above and the side, then Screaming Skull from above. Then was recess shaded with Seraphim Sepia and edge highlighted with Screaming Skull.

Turn to the left
Now turn to the right

Belial is a Grand Master and has rules to represent that. While he is great in any Dark Angel force, he excels at commanding an all Deathwing army. Bring him, a chaplain or librarian in terminator armor, and a Deathwing Apothecary to keep everyone healthy and bring the pain to any heretic or Xenos foe. The next step for my Dark Angel collection is to be able to field a complete 3k Deathwing army, and the same of Ravenwing, and the Deathwing is first on the schedule. Stay tuned for more.

This is a badass image of Belial, and I could not find the artist to recognize their work and give them props

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