Table Ready: Fafnir Rann

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Lord Seneschal and Commander of the First Assault Cadre of the Imperial Fists

Fafnir Rann is a true son of Dorn; he believes that a offense is a good defense. He is as much a bulwark when he uses his shield as he is a whirlwind of blades when he trades the protection for twin power axes. He is a native of Inwit, and joined the legion to become an Imperial Fist when Rogal Dorn was discovered by the Emperor and had a storied career.

He was present at the battle at Phall, counter-assaulting the Iron Warriors. He was assumedly on Terra for the preparations of the Siege after that and led the Assault forces against the Iron warriors at the Lion’s Gate Space Port. Well after the Siege had ended, and the Scouring had commenced, Fafnir Rann was Chapter Master of the Executioners, a Third Founding Chapter

Painting the yellow and getting the gradient to orange wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought; I airbrushed him Averland Sunset. Then I applied a 3 to 1 medium to Iyanden yellow contrast paint to the bottom two-thirds of each armor panel, and repeated that step again with the bottom third. Done. I think it looks brilliant.

What wasn’t easy was keeping the silver trim where it was supposed to be while danger-close to the yellow. I used Iron Hands steel so as to be a bit brighter than leadbelcher. I screwed up a few times, but less than was expected. After the Iron Hands steel was applied, I hit it with half medium and half Basilicanum gray contrast and then brightened it up with the Iron Hands color again, and did a final edge highlight of Stormhost Silver.

When one power axe just isn’t enough to cleave the traitors before you – He doesn’t have the silly standard attached to his power pack in the art, but I kinda like it anyway. Just in case the bright yellow armor isn’t enough.

Fafnir Rann was one of the two Black Library Celebration figures released in 2022 for the Siege of Terra novel series. He is also a character in the Sigismund book. He’s certainly not one of the biggest names in the series but he got some attention in the Siege and the model is spectacular. Got my first Imperial Fists model complete. I’m sure some more are just around the corner.

Fafnir Rann fighting Captain Kroeger of the Iron Warriors at the Sege of Terra – Copyright Games Workshop

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