Table Ready: Iron Warriors Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought

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This boat was made for walkin’!

Aside from my old pewter box-noughts from 2nd and 3rd(that will always have sentimental value), the Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought will always be one of my favorites. It looks like someone cut a boat in half and stuck legs and some heavy damn armaments to it. It is so goofy, how can you not love it? You can tell that they went outside the box when designing it, and I appreciate that. For my Iron Warriors Deredeo, I opted for the Hellfire Plasma Carronade. Mostly because it looked cool. Admittedly, I don’t care too much about stats of weapons when modeling. I’m more about the looks.

I haven’t used this dreadnought since 2019, but it looks like GW took the nerf bat to the poor Deredeo pretty hard in 9th. They removed almost all of the functionality that I loved about it. Particularly, the Helical Targeting Array. Which allowed you to target stuff out of sight(but it could not move). So now you cannot shoot at the stuff you cannot see. I really liked activating the array and taking pop-shots at targets behind cover on the other end of the board. Using that feature would have allowed this guy to hold rear objectives pretty well. Without worrying too much about challengers. I mean, I guess you could still do that now. Just not to the extent I would like.

In terms of modeling and painting, I followed my very simple Iron Warriors theme. Using the Iron Warriors base paint and liberal amounts of Nuln Oil. The hazards were done with an airbrush, masking tape, and air paints. I try to do red plasma coils for all of my chaos plasma weapons. Because I think it looks more sinister. I used cut up cork for the base. And I designed the base prior to building the model. That way I could properly pose the model.

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