Table Ready: Emperor’s Children Contemptor Dreadnought

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Perfection, Even In (Near) Death

I might have mentioned previously that I have a thing for dreadnoughts. It’s okay; I am comfortable with my strange obsessions. My absolute favorite walker chassis is that of the Contemptor Patter Dreadnought. These were the height of technology during the Great Crusade and were in abundance during the Horus Heresy. Housed inside the humanoid frame, the nearly dead space marine was still housed in a sarcophagus like all other Dreadnoughts, but gifted with a more maneuverable frame. No one would call them nimble or graceful, but quick and deadly would work just fine. What’s worse than a genetically engineered super soldier in powered armor? An angry nearly-killed marine that is encased within a machine body to keep on fighting for the emperor.

I cannot express how much I love the Purple, White and Gold color scheme going on here.

Speaking of the Emperor; Once the most loyal of all legion, the 3rd Legion, also known as the Emperor’s Children, were the only one legion that was allowed to display the Palatine Aquilla. Known originally for their martial superiority, then their aloofness, and eventually for their decent into debauchery, the legion eventually became perfectly atrocious. But, before all that, their splendor outshined many other legions and it is that ideal that I have aimed for with my 30k Emperor’s Children models.

This Contemptor is literally one of my absolute favorite models from my entire collection. The colors are wonderful, with the gold and white shining in perfect contrast to the imperial purple of the armor plates. I currently have an Ally Detachment worth of Emperor’s Children to accompany my Word Bearers into battle. I am sure, at some point, I will return to the 3rd Legion and expand my Emperor’s Children collection.

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