Table Ready: Mando Bros Style

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You can find inspiration for any type of project.  Memes are no exception.

My wife and I have a somewhat unique communication style: we speak in quotes.  In fact, the more obscure the better.  We’ve been doing it for our entire relationship and always enjoy people’s reactions when we nerd out together.  Having kids has modified that somewhat and we’ve integrated a newer communication style: we speak in memes.

A while back I saw a particularly good one: Mando Bros.  It was hilarious and hit all the right notes.  And then something amazing happened.  During family movie night we all gathered around to watch the finale of The Book of Boba Fett and during one scene I busted up laughing and shouted out ‘Mando Bros.’  We had to pause the show and with tears of laughter in her eyes my wife turns to me and says, ‘I wanted to say it so bad but I was waiting for you.’  I had already painted Boba Fett a couple months earlier and immediately thought I had to paint another one, but as Din Djardin.  That’s when I knew I had to do the Mando Bros project.

The meme behind the project.

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