Table Ready: Warp Talons

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Death From Above

Some of the first models that I bought when I started my Chaos Marines way back when, were Raptors. I loved how they looked completely different from the jump troops on the loyalist side. The Raptors, back then, were an all metal kit and had actual wing-looking backpacks. Then when I got back into things in 2019, I bought a couple of boxes of the new Raptors right from the start. I wanted a squad of regular Raptors and a squad of Warp Talons. I loved the idea of a melee squad of flying death dealers carrying only lightning claws and the will kill.

Spiky Brutality

The Warp Talons are a lot more brutal looking than the Raptors, and that aesthetic lays solely on the scythe-like attachments fitted to the jump packs. Well, and of course the twin-lightning claws help too. These bastards are brutal in the visual and the physical sense. I’ve stabbed myself a few times picking them up. And putting them in, and removing them from their foam encasements is a chore.

Admittedly, when I started painting my new Iron Warriors, my color scheme looked absolutely nothing like actual Iron Warriors. Instead of a medium-dark metal/silver I opted for a much darker iron color. Specifically Army Painter Rough Iron color. Which is a dark brownish/metallic color. My thought process was that their armor had been stained by the effects of the warp and chaos itself. After I had painted a few test models, I realized that I did not like the results, and started over. The issue was that I had already basecoated many of my built models with this Rough Iron paint. So I had to paint over that with Leadbelcher. Then Nuln Oil it all. It was a chore.

By the time I got to the Warp Talons I was tired. I looked at them and thought, “Why not keep these guys ‘as is’?” So instead of painting them over, I dry brushed them with Necron Compound. The result was a kind of shimmering really dark metal color. And I really liked it. From there I decided to transfer my original thoughts for my Iron Warriors armor color to these guys, as they are all up in the warp.

I decided to forgo the hazard stripes on these guys, because I literally could not paint hazard stripes back then. Also, I really liked how they look as dark armored death bringers. I did brighten a lot of stuff up with an extra layer of drybrushing though. The Iron Warriors markings are 3D printed bits.

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