Table Ready: Ultramarines Cataphractii Praetor

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A Wonderful Model

And A Preview For The Upcoming ‘Project Ultramar’ Series

I have spent a lot of time slaving over a pile of models recently, literally turning bare plastic to painted models (see what I did there?!?). While working through the Age of Darkness boxset, I decided to set aside the Sons of Horus project and begin work on Project Ultramar; I’ll speak more of that further down the page here. Two months and 73 models later I have made it through two phases of Project Ultramar and attended a New England 30K narrative event with a newly painted Ultramarines army.

As a preview of what will likely turn into a short series of articles, I present here Captain Decimus, Captain of the 147th Heavy Assault Chapter. His terminators and shield wielding marines specialize in busting walls and breaching fortifications. Accompanied by his command squad of veterans in cataphractii terminator armor, perfect protection for being the first through a busted bunker or defensive wall.

In addition to the cataphractii armor that keeps him safe in the face of insurmountable opposition, he wields a combi-meltagun to melt through bulkheads and fire bolts at the opposition on waiting on the other side. After closing with his target, he uses the over-sized Legatine Axe, a power weapon unique to the Ultramarines Legion, to make short work of his foes.

Command Squad

Amongst the 147th Heavy Assault Chapter, Decimus is known for leading from the front. Often the first through a newly made breach, the Captain is usually pushing ahead and letting his breacher squads sweep in behind him to hold the area that he has cleared. Rushing through the breach beside the Captain is his trusty command squad, veterans of hundreds of dangerous assault missions and decades next besides Decimus.

The Chapter Banner is carried by Thaddeus, who has served at the side of Decimus the longest of any Chapter veteran. Decimus and Thaddeus are accompanied by Lucas, Marcel, Terence and Vincent, all clad in Cataphractii armor and wielding combi-plasma and thunder hammers. Always ready to intercept an enemy champion to fight in honorable combat for their Captain, more often they struggle to keep up with the pace that Decimus sets when breaking through any defense in his way.

The command squad and their leader travel in style within a blue and gold chariot. The Proteus Carrier Anvil of Unity has chauffeured Decimus and his pose to more battles than can be counted. So familiar with the manner in which Decimus conducts his assaults, the crew of the Anvil of Unity has become quite adept at firing ruby lascannon beams dangerously close around the command squad as it rushes out the assault ramp straight into danger.

Decimus, his command squad and their dedicated transport were painted as part of Phase Two of Project Ultramar for a Narrative campaign. It was great fun to think up their stories, fret over names that sounded space-Roman without using names of famous movie characters and people of historic importance. Having been cast far out of the way by the Ruinstorm, the 147th, the accompanying Knight house and Titan legion units have translated back into real space in the middle of an ongoing story, ready to bring the fight to the traitors.

Project Ultramar

I cannot help myself, I make big plans far in advance. By big plans I mean 10k+ of painted Ultramarines. While theoretically in the works for year, the practica is that I only painted a few units that also worked in 40k up until this point.

I started Project Ultramar as a means to plan out a lot of painting, while making sure I had side projects for when I inevitably got tired of painting blue. Phase One went off without a hitch, but Phase Two changed pretty dramatically as the two-day narrative event loomed over me. Part of planning is preparation to adjust as needed. Now that I am done panic-painting all night to get models ready for the event, I am going to take a break from blue to do some writing and paint an ally detachment side project.

I will take more time to discuss Project Ultramar in the near future. All in time to March for Macragge. Stay tuned.

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