Table Ready: Death Guard Sicaran

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First and foremost, I LOVE this tank 

From the design, to the weapons, to the lore, it checks all the boxes for me.  There’s a sense of power that just radiates off this thing for me.  It looks fast, can pack a punch, and take whatever is thrown at it.  Did I just describe it as well-rounded?  I think so, which makes it even better in my book.  Then you throw in the variants that can be used…that’s the chef’s kiss for me. 

The first time I had heard about the Sicaran tank was years ago listening to an old episode of the Independent Characters on my commute home.  They were going on about the different aspects of Heresy and how cool it was, and the Sicaran got thrown into the conversation.  Now this was still back when you could only purchase the model from Forgeworld, but when I went home and saw pictures of it for the first time I was blown away and knew I had to acquire one for my burgeoning Death Guard army.  Fortunately Christmas was right around the corner, but the price tag didn’t agree with my budget at the time.  However, I was able to get a knock-off from a friendly supplier in Asia that better fit my cost constraints.  Now some people will argue that you shouldn’t do that, but this article isn’t about that so we can table that for future conversations.  What I will say is that although it took some time to arrive, when it did I went immediately about building and painting it.

Not going to sugar coat it: building was a bit of a pain.  You really do get what you pay for and this instance was no different.  It was a solid chunk of resin that needed quite a bit of TLC before assembly.  At the time I didn’t have rules for it so built it around the rule of cool, so points be damned.  I wanted it to pack maximum punch so I built it with sponson-mounted lascannons versus heavy bolters.  No going halfway in armor killing potential for me.  Despite building difficulties, painting turned out to be a breeze.  I aligned the colors with the rest of my Death Guard army, and went with a mostly white base color with medium green accents. 

The next step was to add my decals in various spots.  After that I weathered the hell out of it using the sponge technique with Mechanicus Standard Grey.  Looking back on it, I probably went a little overkill, but hey-ho.  The last step was a mix of spackle and ballast applied to the tracks, then painted in shades of brown to simulate mud and debris that has collected on the sides and tracks.

With the introduction of the plastic kit for Heresy I’m definitely picking up another one for my Alpha Legion force.  I’m thinking this model would look aces in turquoise and sporting some XXth Legion and Hydra markings.  But when will that acquisition be made, you may ask?  Well, Christmas is once again right around the corner.  Not saying that this might be a good opportunity for Alpharius to sway my allegiance away from Mortarion, but I am saying.

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