Table Ready: Adepta Sororitas Immolator

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Let the Heretics Burn In Cleansing Flame

When I set out to make my Order of the Bloody Rose army I knew that there was one particular thing that I would be doing without fail. And that was mounting a squad of Retributors all with Heavy Flamers in an Immolator. It was non-negotiable. And it completely helped that thought when GW released this amazing Immolator model. This cathederal of a tank.

I took as much care as I could to paint this model, because it has so many conflicting details. And quite frankly, I wanted it to stand out on the table. My vision was for there to be wood paneling that would stand out a bit to contrast with the metallics. Then I wanted the Bloody Rose alternate color of white to stand out too. So I used that in a couple spots.

The bear, was the stained glass. That was some of the most stress I have ever been under while painting a model before. I used the method most agreed upon on the Youtubes, matte varnish on the clear plastic prior to painting the panels with contrast paint. Afterwards painting the metallic piping over the frames. I do not relish the idea of every painting another one of these. But I totally want another one. They are expensive to field but are very useful.

Particularly when you martyr the tank by blowing it up on purpose. I love that ability.

The additional purity seals and Order of the Bloody Rose markings are all 3D printed extras purchased online.

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