Table Ready: Creature Caster Queen of Ecstasy

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Luxurious. Decadent. Deadly.

Around the time that I had decided I wanted to make a Slaanesh detachment to support my Iron Warriors, I discovered Creature Caster. That was late 2019, or so. I happened to come across a post on some hobby site that showcased their stuff. I was blown away by the detail. So I checked their site out. They had a great amount of stuff that would work great in a “counts-as” capacity. It also just so happened that they were having a really good end of year sale. So I picked up like 4 or 5 of their kits. If you know me, then you know that I am All About branching away from GW.

One of the kits that I picked up was the Queen of Ecstasy. I found it deliciously creepy, beautiful, and hentai all at the same time. A home-run. I decided that this would be my Keeper of Secrets. The model has so much going on. Insect arms. Tentacles. A beckoning pose. When I received the kit and opened it, I was actually really intimidated by the amount of detail. And I promptly packed it away. Then… the world was introduced to CORONA~~~. Papa Nurgle was spreading his influence about the globe. And it would seem that I would not be spared. I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands and decided to try my luck with her-majesty.

I used only citadel paints to paint this model. Opting for a lot of deep or rich colors. I used a couple pastel colors to break up the deeper shades. For the gold’s I wanted them to be luxuriously lavish. So I didn’t tone them down as much as I usually would. The boots took the longest time, because they are covered with details. I used my airbrush on the tentacles. Trying to blend different shades. It worked okay. But not quite to my image. Gluing those things to the model was a chore. They actually attach to her head. I’ve had to re-apply glue to a couple of them.

If you’re looking for great alternatives to GW models, by all means check out Creature Caster.

This already massive scale model has a very large footprint because of the tentacles.
Walking in the ruins of crushed statues
Daemonette for scale
The counts-as Keeper of Secrets Queen of Ecstasy is a wonderful centerpiece for a Slaanesh army. Also pictured are two models from the Matriarchs of Ecstasy Creature Caster line. My counts as Hearald(back left) and counts as Masque(back right)

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