Table Ready: Adepta Sororitas Hospitaller

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The Order Hospitaller is a non-militant branch of the Adepta Sororitas. But that does not mean they don’t get sent into thick of things. And that they are ill-prepared to handle things if they find themselves in a pinch. They are often deployed to worlds that need humanitarian aid, with the forces of the Imperial Guard, and of course the Sisters of the more ’Heretics Must Burn Until They Crispy Dead’ Orders. I say this a lot of the current line, but this is one of my favorite models in the newer Sisters line. And I actually bought two of them. Just so I can possibly do the next one a little different(or better). Its a great diorama piece, with the Hospitaller standing over a dying Battle Sister, delivering her last rites. The model also has white birds flying around.

I pretty much painted the Hospitaller as close to as she was on the box. Her white habit with the red underside gave me flashbacks of painting White Scars. Which said flashbacks were mostly nightmares. I opted to not include the birds, as they seem like a little too much for me. I’ve removed similar birds from other models as well. I just don’t feel the birds. Actually, I think that removing the birds makes this model better. So, yeah. For the dying Battle Sister, I painted her as an Order of the Bloody Rose Sister, seeing as my army is all Bloody Rose. Though I dirtied her up a lot seeing as she took grievous wounds and is about to leave the mortal plane. Blood For The Blood God helped out a lot.

A really great design
She looks great on a table or in a display case setting.

Group photographs aside, I have yet to table this mini with my Bloody Rose Sisters. In my handful of games with my Sisters I had trouble justifying her points cost for her usability. She is more or less just a buffer piece that can negate wounds if she is in range. And she does take up an Elite slot. The Sisters have a ton of Elites. Well, if you have a Battle Forged army and a Canoness, she doesn’t take up that slot. But if your army is led by a Palatine, you cannot use that rule. Either way, I still haven’t tabled her. For now, she just looks good in my display case, tending to the perpetually dying Sister.

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