Table Ready: Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought

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When death in the line of duty is unacceptable

It’s one thing to be a member of the elite first company of the Dark Angels chapter, known as the Deathwing. To be a deathwing is to be feared and revered in equal measure, while putting duty and honor, even if that duty is unknown to your brothers, before all else. It’s a whole other thing to be a Dreadnought. Nearly killed but unwilling to give up the fight, the meat parts that are left of you are placed in a walking tank where you get to fight the enemies of the Emperor of Mankind.

But put those two things together, and then survive in the walking tin-can of death for long enough to be considered venerable, well, that just means you are all kinds of badass.

As I write this brief description, I realize that this is the first Forgeworld model I ever purchased. Kinda funny, because it just sat around for close to a decade. I built whole units, tanks, armies, even a fuckin Titan before I got back to this kit. It had been sitting impatiently in my bits box, unloved and forgotten. But, no longer.

I used the same process to paint him as Belial and all my other Deathwing models. Primed Zandri Dust, airbrushed Ushabti Bone, then lightly airbrushed Screaming skull from above gets you to a good point to recess shade with Seraphim Sepia. After this I edge highlight a little with Screaming Skull, and maybe white scar on the sharpest details. Balthasar Gold and Caliban Green are most of the remaining bits, with a little Mephiston red to make the model stick out on the table.

I wish I was talented enough to do some freehand dark angel designs on the green fabric on each side of his sarcophagus and maybe some mock writing. Maybe some day.

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