Table Ready: Master of the Hunt, Kor’sarro Khan

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The Master of the Hunt

Kor’sarro Khan, Captain of the 3rd Brotherhood, carries the weight of his title very seriously. When the time for a hunt comes, he stops at nothing to see it through. This was true when Kor’sarro Khan slew the Daemon Prince Doomrider. All previous hunts had failed to capture and subdue Doomrider. Until Kor’sarro tracked him to an Imperial World in the throes of Chaos Cultists. It was here that Doomrider finally met his end.

The model itself is very regal. Which is one reason I like the White Scars so much. They carry themselves higher than other chapters. White Scars are a tough army to paint, and Kor’sarro Khan was no different. A white base color with red details is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, Corax White is a great thick base paint that covers up mistakes pretty easily. Mistakes and touch ups aside, I actually enjoyed painting him though. I had to throw some Blood For The Blood God on the base for good measure. He is carrying a severed head of his prey afterall.

Contrast paint works so well for things like birds, or fur. After that dries, all you need is a light dry brush for highlights.

I can’t wait for The Great Khan to return and put him on a table with Kor’sarro Khan. He already looks great with my command squad. It would be even better if when The Great Khan returned, things like the Ebon Keshig and Golden Keshig also returned. As I think that the Great Khan would reimpose the old ways upon the chapter. All of that leading a full army of 40K White Scars would look amazing. I’m still sour about a good many aspects of the 40K White Scars. In terms of structure and uniqueness, Heresy-era Scars are far superior. GW dropped the ball when they introduced the Index: White Scars. Totally could have reintroduced these unique units into 40K, which would have given the Scars more character in the modern game.

He even looks great out of focus, with his imposing stature

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