Table Ready: Ghost Rider

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He’s riding through your town with his head on FIRE!

What can I say? I was drawn to the darker super heroes as a youth, like Batman. Some of those “heroes” walked the line of anti-hero, and sometimes even danced across that line, like the Punisher. One that has always held a special spot in my dark little heart is the embodiment of the Spirit of Vengeance himself, Ghost Rider.

“Ghostrider, Ghostrider, Ghostrider, Ghostrider keep riding” – I know the Rollins Band song isn’t about the comics but, I can’t separate the two anymore.

As a stunt man, Johnny Blaze put himself in harms way repeatedly, but never more so when he made a deal with the devil. As such deals usually play out in fiction, he didn’t get back all that he hoped for and brought along a little friend; a demon of sorts came with him and he is consumed by hellfire when close to evil-doers. He takes it upon himself to rid the area of said evil-doers in a dramatic and fiery fashion.

When his battle against evil hits the inevitable highway, Ghost Rider takes chase in a fire-limned chopper, leaving a trail of flames in his wake. I always loved the connection between Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle and that of the classic Nightmare, a black horse with a mane and tail of flames.

The model was easier to build and paint than I expected. The chain whip was a little tedious, both to build and paint, and was not always easy to work around. I did the whole model with Contrast paints and managed a decent fire effect with layers of color. At one point I had a glow effect on the pavement below his bike but was so unhappy with it that I repainted the base

“Ghostrider, motorcycle hero” – Henry Rollins, image copyright Marvel

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