Caltrops: Lego Tumbler Batmobile

Batman Begins Brought Us A Great New Batmobile

And Lego Brought Us A Great New Set To Build

The first super hero I fell in love with was Batman. The first super hero movie I saw in theaters was also Batman. I convinced the then-boyfriend of our family friend/babysitter that I was allowed to go see it, while our actual babysitter went to see something appropriate with my younger sister. Actually, it must has been Batman Returns. Regardless, the caped crusader was the first hero I connected with. Dark and brooding, smart and capable. It would be a few more years before I learned how crappy people are and found refuge with the social outcast aspect of the X-men series.

Few vehicles are more iconic than the Batmobile. There have been many versions of it as well, but the re-imagining of the classic vehicle into a sort of stealthy racing-tank of The Dark Knight Trilogy is easily my favorite. When they released the original Lego set of it, I couldn’t help myself.

Lego Set #7888. 449 Pieces. Released in 2008.

You can just hear the engine growling and the tires screeching like it did in the movies.
Oh, Hi. I mean *ahem* I’M BATMAN

This set originally came with an Ice Cream Truck, with a mini-fig thug driving and the Joker hanging off the back. I found the mildly underwhelming Ice Cream Truck. But the Joker’s whereabouts are unknown at the moment.

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