Caltrops: Lego Death Star Trench Run Diorama

The Force Is Strong With This One

The three new Star Wars diorama sets by Lego are awesome. They have a lot of character, look great displayed somewhere, and capture the scenes from the movies very well. I bought the Trench Run diorama during the Star Wars Day sale on the Lego website, and I put it together shortly after it arrived in a few hours. How they designed the surface of the Death Star is pretty neat, and I had a lot of fun putting it all together. Everything kind of intertwines together. The Compared to the scenery, the X-Wing and Tie Fighters were almost nothing to put together. But they still look really good in the diorama. The name plate and quote on the front of the scene is a really nice touch.

The only thing I wish was different would be that you cannot see anything inside the window of the X-Wing. It would have been cool to see some kind of design on the window to simulate Luke inside. They have designs on the fronts of the Tie Fighters, but not on the X-Wing. They even have a cap piece that simulates R2. This is not a deal breaker though. And I guess that the stud inside the window kind of looks like Luke’s helmet. But I may be reaching.

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