Table Ready: Director Krennic And the Death Troopers

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“We were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy” 

Orson Krennic is the Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Galactic Empire. That and he was in the main antagonist for the best Star Wars movie that Disney has managed, is pretty much all I know about him. He has a simple looking yet effective model for Star Wars: Legion. And at first, I didn’t much care about getting the models.

Then I saw the Death Trooper models. It was inevitable at that point, I didn’t even bother trying to fight it.

Both the Director and the Death Troopers were painted up insanely fast with Citadel brand Contrast paint. Lots of Black Templar and some Apothecary White was used, then some accent colors and a very minor amount of flesh tone. The basing material took longer to dry than the whole squad and character model took to paint. There isn’t a lot to them but I still love the models.

See , they really are just black on black. copyright Disney

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