Table Ready: Garro – The Knight Errant

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 The Hand of the Sigillite, Herald of the Betrayal

In both the original lore from over 30 years ago and the extensive Horus Heresy novel series, Battle Captain Garro is an integral part of the unfolding galactic civil war. He is the main character of the 4th novel in the Horus Heresy book series, The Flight of the Eisenstein, in which he is only saved by the treachery of the Warmaster Horus due to an injury sustained during the previous campaign. He is betrayed and attacked by his brother legionaries, and flees the Isstvan system to war the Emperor of Mankind. It was a rough journey, but Garro, his crew and the remembrancers he ended up protecting along the way were interrogated (and almost killed) by Rogal Dorn and then thrown in jail or close enough to it on the moon. Finally, he was forced to do battle with a corrupted brother fly-faced demon of nurgle upon the surface of the moon.

Battle Captain Garro is one of the few loyalist marines of the Death Guard legion of Space Marines. He eventually scours his armor of the bone and sickly green of the Legion that betrayed him but never parts with the exquisite suit of armor he wore, or the power sword Libertas. Thought to have been created on Old Earth during the Dark Age of Technology before the temporary but thorough fall of humanity, Libertas is Garro’s most prized possession.

The dead Gal Vorbak is painted to match the squad in my Heresy Word Bearers army.
He went to Calth to save Rubio, hence the Ultramarines helmet

The Character Series model by Forge World is spectacular. Garro stands atop a pile of stone (sigh, I know, like every other character and HQ model in the Games Workshop range of miniatures) in a dynamic pose. He is wielding Libertas having just dispatched a Gal Vorbak of the vile Word Bearers Legion and aiming his artificer bolter at the next victim of his loyalist wrath. While bare ceramite is fairly easy to paint, there were plenty of details that needed attention and the model was a joy to finish. It was great to paint one of my favorite characters from the Heresy and I plan on painting more in the future. 

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