Tyson’s M:CP Collection

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Original Core Set

I wasn’t sure how a tabletop miniature game was going to feel suffiently, well, super. Marvel: Crisis Protocal managed to figure that out. It was good fun to get these minis painted up quickly almost entirely with contrast paint, and I got the Core box set and a handful of expansions painted up in time for a visit from Robert some years back.

I currently have 34 miniatures painted, as well as a bit of terrain, and I have more minis waiting. I can’t wait to add to these teams and build new ones.

Guardians of the Galaxy

When I asked Kera what team she wanted, she proclaimed the Guardians without missing a beat. How could I say no to a plucky group of do-good space pirates?

Black Order

Since we were already collecting the Guardians of the Galaxy, I figured I would collect a team that could threaten that very galaxy. I still can’t find the Throne.


I plan on collecting models to showcase the MCU Avengers movies: quite a few of them come in the core box set. I have a few extra from expansions. There are more to collect: I hope to be able to make a team that matches each movie. Here is the start.

Additional Heroes and Villians

One of the best parts of Crisis Protocol is assembling a team comprised of good, bad and indifferent super powered beings. This allows you to collect the models you want and use them along with established teams. Some of these models are bound for an Affiliation when I collect more: others are just here because I like them.

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