Tyson’s Delaque Gang

Underhaunts – House Delaque Gang

Known for being particularly aggressive compared to other Delaque gangs, the Underhaunts specialize in entering a combat zone through stealth locate the target of their mission, then bursting into violence mode at a moments notice. The shadows erupt with bullets, and minds are broken as the purple-clad gangers enact their close-quarter combat scenarios to enact the mission at hand. Even when they have taken horrific losses, leaving the Underhive littered with the pale skinned dead, the gang seems to reappear unscathed and ready for battle.

I have 11 Delaque models painted so far, with more on the way.

Underhaunt Members

Are the Underhaunts immortal? Or do they alter the newly hired Juves to appear as the previously lost members of the team. Few denizens of the hive have encountered the Underhaunts and survived to theorize how they seem to come back over and over.

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