Robert’s Orks

In the table top gaming strata, Space Orks were my first love. I always loved the whole horde idea of the Orks. An army of hundreds of foot soldiers that takes 3 hours to set up and clean up. I don’t really care for the direction that the Orks have taken in recent decades.

After receiving some hand-me-down 2nd ed Orks and Gretchin from Tyson, I ended up buying more random blisters. Most of my models are from the early to late 90’s, therefore there is a lot of metal minis. My Orks are not a complete army. They are a mishmash of about 200 models.

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka



Boss Snikrot and the Red Skull Kommandos

Boyz and Gretchin

Warbuggy (Rogue Trader)

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