Kera’s Necron Army

Mephrit Dynasty Necrons

Here are my Mephrit Necrons ( or the orange guys who fall down but get up again) army. Before I started these guys I was all about my Death Guard army, and I still love my Great Unclean One, but once I started learning about the Necrons and how they became what they are today I was swayed into try them out.

I have MS and I found that the color of the MS society is orange, the same color of the energy for this Necron army. So when I learned that their rules are centered around getting knocked down but getting back up again (which is what I do according to Tyson) I had to give these guys a go.

I have just over 102 guys painted: so many warriors and a great assortment of support characters like the Plasmancer (which just might just be my fave, Tyson says I don’t need three, but what does he know).

Characters and HQ


Walkers & Constructs


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