Caltrops: Deck the Halls (with Lego)

What we have for our Christmas Lego sets (so far)

What can we say? We’re both suckers for Lego. Always have been. Likely, we always will be.

We do not go nuts for Christmas decorations in our household. Probably stems from the depressing and oppressive years spent in retail. One thing we do have in abundance, other than Fallout and Mario ornaments, is Santa. Many Santa‘s. Can you make Santa plural? Anyway, the fat guy in the residence has a thing for the fat guy in red. Brickheadz Santa Clause and Mrs Clause were absolute certainties when we discovered them.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on whom you ask, we were unable to locate a Brickheadz kit to satisfy Kera’s Snowman obsession. The hunt continues.

Well, we already have Mr and Mrs Santa. What else could we do but add some more North Pole action. Now, Santa has his slave labor midgets, err, his hard working elf labor force to mass produce toys, and his primary mode of transportation. All the support an industrious frozen hermit could want.

North Pole Toy Makers Union 001

I can’t get the…
Nutcracker music…
outta my head

This all started a few years back when Tyson ordered from the Lego website. Low and behold, the box arrived with a free Xmas ornament. It’s all their fault, and we cannot be blamed for this. Since then, we bought a small kit each year until the BrickHeadz were released. That’s when shit got real. This year, we got ourselves a new Christmas Tree. It’s a two in one kit: one large tree or two small trees. We decided that we wanted the full-size version this year.

As the little brick at the bottom says, this found it’s way to us in 2015 by accident
the tree we bought this year was significantly bigger than the first.

And here we are with the teenie, mildly ugly, and strangely expensive for this size Christmas Lego sets. Below are three sets, Santa, Rudolf and a Snowman that is probably meant to be Frosty. This is the only Lego Snowman we have been able to find for Kera. And he is kinda janky.

Say “hi” to ugly Santa
“yay, we found one” – Kera said with mild excitement

The new problem is that the Snowman craze has now moved onto Christmas Gnomes. Apparently that is a thing. She may or may not be, at this very moment, looking for Lego Xmas Gnomes… Maybe next year… Until then…

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