Table Ready: Great Unclean One

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That Big Gross Thingy

So I have over the years watched Tyson one: put all his little plastic men together and two: chew on his tongue as he did so. I started helping a bit on things, but worried I would somehow ruin the model so bad that there would be no way to fix it. I was staying away from most things. As I was getting more comfortable I wanted to try my hand at it. I wanted to paint a model from head to toe. Here is my Great Unclean One. 

Isn’t he’s cute… no… well let’s move on. I am pretty proud of how he came out. The guts, the pus, the little boils and the like was all just a blast to make look, well, Gross. My favorite parts of the Unclean one are his guts that are hanging out and look wet, his horns that somehow look slightly like bone but diseased as well and the little poofs of some ghostly hue. I haven’t played him in many games but his Flail is fun to use and can do some serious damage.  Hopefully he can kill some goodie-goodie marines soon.

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