Tyson’s Word Bearers

The XVII Legion – The Word Bearers Horus Heresy Army

After being singled out by the Emperor for taking too long to bring planets to compliance and for both worshipping the Emperor as a God and spreading the faith that belived the same, the Word Bearers went looking for something worth worshipping. What they found were the Chaos Gods that reside within the vagaries of the warp.

When I set out to play Heresy, after Cliff finally talked me into reading the novels, I decided that I wanted to be able to play the Battle of Calth with my wife. Then Cliff decided he was going to paint a Loyalist army, so I started with the Traitor army. During the first New England 30K event that I attended, this army was awarded Best Painted, which was thrilling. So far, I have 136 models painted for the XVII Legion and I am sure I will end up with more Word Bearers: they are so wonderfully evil after all…

XVII Legion Specific HQ

WIthin the ranks of the Word Bearers unique characters are the figures that were instrumental in the fall of Horus and the birth of the civil war known as the Horus Heresy.

XVII Legion Unique Units

The Word Bearers are the first to fall, and the first to embrace the Warp. As one might imagine, their legion specific units are largely devoted to Astartes possessed by Warp Entities.

Traitor HQ Units

While every Legion can utilize all of the Consul upgrades, the Word Bearers gets the most out of the Chaplain, Esoterist and Librarian Consuls.

Traitor Astartes Units

With a dedication that no other legion can hold a glow-globe to, the Word Bearers specialize in large blocks of infantry that become impossible tarpits to clear.

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