Tyson’s Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Legion Collection

A few years back, having painted nothing except Games Workshop models, I grew tired of the Grim Darkness and ventured forth into a Galaxy Far Far Away. I started out with a single box of Stormtroopers to determine if I would enjoy painting them, and ended up with a starter set and two armies. I have 121 models painted for Legion.

The Empire

While I am known for playing the “good” guys in Warhammer 40k, I would move from the Imperium of Man to the Galactic Empire. Que the Imperial March, and the respirator. I wanted to play Darth Vader on the tabletop. The rest is history.

Characters (and their associated bodyguards)

Corp Units

Support and Heavy

The Rebellion

After I was done painting up all the pretty stormtroopers, I decided to paint the Rebel Scum, er, Rebellion, for my wife to play: This time, she gets to play the good guys.


Corp Units and Special Forces

Support and Heavy

The Mandalorian

The first show we got from Disney+ revitalized my love for Star Wars after the disappointing movies (other than Rogue One) and I was thrilled to add them to my collection, both the good guys and the bad guys.

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