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On this Gallery page I will showcase various small Kill Team projects, which is a skirmish wargame set in the Universe of Warhammer 40k and acts as a gateway drug into the larger game setting.

Veteran Guard Kill Team

Having wanted a both an Imperial Guard and a Death Korp of Krieg army since I first laid eyes on the exquisite, and expensive Forge World models, I was ecstatic to see them finally coming out in plastic. We never got more than this kit, and I may never make a full army of them. But, I am satiated. At least, for now.

Ork Kommandos Kill Team

I have never really cared for the Space Orks of 40k, going so far as to give away the ork half of two different starter sets in my years, thereby conning a few friends into playing with me. Sorry Robert. But, the amount of character and detail smashed into every single one of these models made me wanna paint them.

Hopefully I won’t end up with a full Ork army some day like I did with Admech…

Tau Pathfinders Kill Team

My favorite aspect of Kill Team is that I get a chance to paint a few models as a whole project. Much like the Orks above, I have no interest in the Tau as an army: while I love me some mech, I don’t like the style that GW went with when designing them. I was glad to get my hands on a small self contained project, so that I can say “yes, I have painted some Tau before” and be done.

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