Tyson’s Emperor’s Children Army

Emperor’s Children Ally Detachment for the Horus Heresy

I was quite a ways into my Word Bearers Heresy army, and I was looking to plan an Ally Detachment: in the stories, and in the setting, a small portion of another legion often accompanies another to form bonds and learn from each other. The World Eaters was the obvious choice for me, after having read Betrayer, but I asked Kera which Legion she wanted, since I was theoretically painting up the XVII Legion for her. She said “the purple guys.”

They were to be planned as a second Ally, but, a chance discovery on eBay landed a huge box of models in my lap, complete with Legion heads and shoulders, and dozens of out of print Legion torsos and for cheap. That’s why I have 46 models painted a many more built and primed already.

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