Tyson’s Agents of the Imperium

Agents of the Imperium Models

One of the things I like the most about running armies from the Imperium of Man is that across the lore, the forces often work together, willingly or otherwise. So on top of being able to run a Space Marine army with a Knight as an ally, I can also run assassins, Inquisitors and other representatives of the Imperium.

I have 19 Agents of the Imperium models painted up that do not belong in a dedicated codex of their own. There are many more in my Pile of Shame/Awesome.


The Imperial Assassins, each trained in a different Temple to master their specialization, is capable of changing the tide of battle with a single bullet or slash of a blade. These models are super-characterful and I love them all.


Much like the Assassins, each Inquisitor hails from an Ordo that determines roughly what they specialize in hunting and destroying. The Ordo Xenos spends its time killing the alien species of the galaxy. Members of the Ordo Hereticus spend their time chasing the witches and warlocks, psykers and other dangerous folk. Most dangerous of all, the Ordo Malleus puts itself on the front line fighting against Daemons. They add great character to a 40k army on the table, especially when accompanied by a unique retinue.

Rogue Traders

Seemingly some of the most powerful individuals in the whole Imperium, Rogue Traders are tasked with extending the reach of the Imperium, by any means necessary. Granted a writ from the Emperor himself, they are above the law and the inquisition and often surround themselves with interesting individuals while the ply the unknown pathways through the stars looking for treasure, glory and excitement/danger.

Horus Heresy Characters

I have a few characters from the Heresy era game that I do not have armies for (yet), or do not belong to armies.


While I only have 12 Deathwatch models painted as of now, I have an entire army worth waiting impatiently in a box. Someday, it will get it’s own gallery page.

Sisters of Battle

I have almost no Adepta Sororitas painted as of now, but there is an entire army in box still…

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