Tyson’s Adeptus Mechanicus Army

It all started with a kill team. An Adeptus Mechanicus kill team. For Kill Team. These small detailed little models with their retro-futuristic steampunk vibe were so fun to paint, and so very different than the hordes of Space Marines I had painted in the past, that there was no chance I wasn’t going to make an army.

So I did. The crappy 50s b-movie scifi robots ended up being my favorite, both in terms of models and gameplay.

It was amazing how much longer the teeny tiny Skitarii took to paint in comparison to a largely single-color marine. There were already 40 of them painted before I learned the trick. Leave the bodies in two, torso and arms, and legs on bases, put a little blue tac where the two halves will meet. Prime the legs black, add metallics. Prime the torsos leadbelcher, add other colors. Glue the two halves together after.

I currently have 106 Admech models painted, with a whole slew of infantry and vehicles in the project bins.

Cult Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus army is really two seperate organizations working together. And by together, I mean the Cult Mechanicus rules the other with complete and utter control over their bodies and thoughts. They are the Tech Priests that create, the Enginseers that pray machines into working across the Imperium and the mindless servitors built for war. Plus silly robots covered in guns. What’s not to like here?

Cult Mechanicus Characters

Cult Mechanicus Units

Skitarii Cohorts

Then there is the meat-puppet aspect of the army, the irradiated cybernetic Skitarii army. They zealously worship the machine god and willingly give their minds and bodies over to the Tech Priests to use in their holy wars of technology scavenging. Radioactive mind-controled steampunk cyber-soldiers protect the blessed machinery of the Imperium, and some of them ride half-dead fire-breathing cyborg dogs. So, Yeah.

Skitarii Characters

Skitarii Units

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