Robert’s Adepta Sororitas

Order of the Bloody Rose

I have wanted to start a Sisters of Battle army ever since I first saw the metal minis 25 years ago. I mean, Nuns with guns… and fire! But being a poor high schooler, such as I was, it was not in the cards. A whole army of metal minis would have been a fortune and a half. Two decades later GW finally released plastic minis starting with a completely botched pre-sale box set. I decided as soon as I committed to putting together this army that I would build an army consisting of the daughters of Saint Mina.


Palatine and Imagifier

Battle Sisters and Cherubs

Retributors and Transports

Seraphim and Zephyrim


Paragon Warsuits

Penitent Engines and Arco-Flagellants

Sisters Repentia and Rhino

Rhino’s and Immolator

Battle Sanctum

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