Robert’s Chaos Knights

House Devine

When I started working on my knights, I decided early on that I wanted to link them to my planned Slaanesh force. So I started looking for a traitor house that fell to the God of Excess. House Devine was one of the first houses to turn traitor. I also enjoy their lore and colors.

With the exception of the Wardogs, I painted all of these in the opening months of COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. I really enjoy painting larger scale models. I have never put my House Devine knights on a gaming table, and who knows if I ever will. I started this project purely for the hobby. Some day, I may add to their ranks. Perhaps an Abomination? All of the models here have third party printed bits incorporated. From the hatches to the shoulders on the Despoiler. Desecrator aside, at the time of building these, there were no official Chaos Knight models yet. So, you had to do what you could to make them chaos-ey. For the Wardogs I changed quite a bit of their parts. With the carapace and armor all being third party.





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