Clay’s Black Legion

I typically find Games Workshop loyalist Space Marine miniatures a little too bland. There are lots of flat armor panels and open spaces that I just didn’t find interesting. What if you added spikes, horns, skulls, and excessive amounts of gold trim? Now we’re talking! I admired the simple yet iconic black and gold colors of the Black Legion. I started with a Kill Team box to see if I would like the models. A year later, and now I have 1000 points painted with more likely on the way.

Chaos Lord

Once I saw this model, I couldn’t resist having it lead my force. A sword that eats your soul, armor with a screaming face, giant horns, a bear pelt, and with a dashing cape to throw it all together.


The elite troops of my warband, these are my favorite infantry models in the current Chaos Space Marines range.


Armed with bolters, chainswords, various heavy weapons, and icons of the dark gods, these battle line troops rush to meet their enemies head-on.


These mere mortals hope to gain the notice of the dark gods. They will likely die as cannon fodder. Better them than the Astartes troops.


Jetpacks: check. Obsessive amounts of chaos trim and spikes: check.


A half-spider, half-machine covered in spikes and guns that eats your soul. What’s not to love?


A worn and weathered Rhino of the Black Legion. The flashy spikes and trophy racks warn enemies of their likely fate.

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