N7 Day: M35 Mako

Happy N7 Day Mass Effect Fans!

N7 Day is a celebration of all things Mass Effect, and seeing as this special day occurs during Tanksgiving, I thought I would zip up my N7 hoodie(yes, I do have one) and take a look at the one of the most iconic vehicles in the series. The six-wheeled exploration utility tank that everyone loved to hate. The M35 Mako.

Launched out of the back of the Normandy in a drive-by like fashion, the Mako was first introduced in Mass Effect as a planet exploration vehicle. And it quickly drew the ire of just about everyone that ever took the helm. Controlling this thing was a nightmare. Though they fixed it in the recent Mass Effect Legendary. But for me, driving this thing was actually part of the fun. Crashing the Mako was always pretty damn satisfying. I mean, who didn’t try to find the best ramp they could on the moon, get up to max speed, and launch this bastard towards Earth? I know I did.

Using the Mako to climb seemingly unscalable peaks was always a good time. Though not quite as fun as driving it off of said peak after you took a good look around. Watching it fall off of a mountain and land upside down while spinning the turret always drew a laugh. Then there was triggering the jump jets every 10 seconds while driving for no other reason than because you can. Good times.

The Mako’s firepower was not devastating, but still proved effective at taking down a Thresher Maw. Or picking off Geth from a nice distance. It’s always nice to announce your coming. So blowing up a pair of sentries from a ridge-line before you roll up like an N7 Bionic Boss always seems like a prudent thing to do. No one likes unexpected guests.

Truth be told, while the most iconic vehicle in the Mass Effect series is the Normandy, this series would not be what it is without this tank. Exploration is one of the biggest points in these games. And the Mako, while clunky, did it’s job. Also, how could you not love views like this, huh? Can’t get here on foot.

I’m Commander Shepard, and this is one of my favorite views in the universe. My screenshot from Mass Effect Legendary.

Legendary was a shot of “We Need More Mass Effect, Right Now Time!” in the arm, and I played it all the way through twice. Followed by Andromeda once. I liked Andromeda when it came out, and still do. It got a bad rap. Many people had complaints of bugs and that it was not like the Shepard entires. Sure It was buggy, but I was able to separate this game from the Shepard series. Was it as good as its predecessors? No. Was it an enjoyable game? Yeah, it was.

Now, though, we wait patiently for the next Mass Effect release. Last year we got this teaser, which sent a shockwave through the Mass Effect fandom. As a matter of fact, at the time of writing this, rumor has it that another announcement is coming on this very day(November 7th).

Fingers crossed for a 2023 release!

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